Project 1: The Skirt of Liberty

For my first sewing project, I picked what I thought would be the simplest thing to do: a wrap-over skirt which included neither buttonhole, neither zipper. However I quickly realised that the shape was a little bit tricky: I had to run very long and curvy seams, while I was still not able to sew proper straight lines with my brand new sewing machine. So at the end it took me a while, but with patience and determination, I managed to do something that doesn't look too crooked.

The print though was my true inspiration for that model, and it commanded the choice of a skirt pattern. I found indeed the most amazing cotton Liberty fabric wandering among the stalls at Marché Saint-Pierre in Paris. I thought that a navy blue background would be a change, so I went for this colorful print. In order to personalise the design, I assembled two buttons on each side of the skirt: they are purely decorative (the skirt is hold by snaps) but they give a vintage feel to the look. And they allow me to combine more easily a black top or golden accessories with the skirt.

The Liberty prints are definitely to be ranked among my favorite prints. To find out more about that fashion reference, you can go there: the blog of Liberty of London is filled with lovely pictures and design ideas.


Last summer we went to the horse races in Newmarket, England. This one of those events where everyone dresses up, matching hats and handbags and shoes despite the modern rules of fashion.
As expected, this was indeed quite a show, and even if I didn't exactly belong to the crowd with my simple outfit, I was glad to have created this hat for the occasion. A black hat, a flower broach and a sparkling bird made the trick. The funny part was that the bird was mounted on a spring and was actually moving along with each and every step I was taking.
You may have guessed that I didn't win the price for the best accessory though. I realised that if I ever want to have my chance in that race, I'll have to try harder and be proudly over the top. Forget effortless, more is, well....more.
I swear I'll try. Next year.

Welcome into my closet!

Since this blog is about sewing, I guess I will talk a lot about clothes and fabrics. But not only about that. It will also be about fashion in general, and more particularly about the ethical initiatives that I love, when fashion has a big heart and contributes to development. It will include a hint of travelling as well: places I went to, places I like and the colours and material you find there. There will be a lot of flavours, pictures and feelings in those pages.
This is going to be a world. The world in my closet.