Project 2: The Cat Skirt

Do you all remember Miu Miu stunning Spring 2010 collection made up of crazy prints? If not, here is an example (see right).
On the same outfit one can observe cats, birds and a naked woman. The whole thing is looking quite classy though. Or maybe kind of preppy. The prints are mixed with a great sense of humour combined to a subtle taste. If you want to see more of this gorgeous collection, you can go there.

I don't pretend that I wanted to design something Miu Miu like. But that inspiration gave me the courage to use this lovely print that I fell in love with, and to build from it a playful skirt. The result is definitely youthful, and that's my idea of the perfectly easy-to-wear skirt.

The pattern was from Burda. I learned how to gather fabric and how to sew a zipper (however that was before I discover the invisible zipper's magic). It was also my first invisible hem: that project gave me the opportunity to discover many techniques (and the hem is for sure something that I don't enjoy doing...)!

At the end I wear that skirt very often, but I wish I had picked a stricter shape to contrast with the childish print. A little bit more in the Miu Miu spirit I guess....

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