Project 4: The Cocktail Dress

I am invited to attend a wedding next week, and for once I wanted to wear a dress that I had made, not bought. So, given the circumstances, here comes my first cocktail dress!
Once again I have to thank a dear friend for the fabric: when she went back to Cambodia, Audrey bought some lovely pink raw silk from the Russian market in Phnom Penh. The color is very sweet, while the texture is not regular (which is normal for raw silk): this gives an interesting combination and a more unique feel to the dress.

The model is a mix of two patterns: the top is from Burda and the bottom is the same as the India Dress (from Simplicity). The bottom from Burda was a tulip shape which I thought would be too lady-like combined to the top. The back of the dress, where the straps make a big bow, is the real strength of this design, while the front is very classic, even a little bit severe.

The fabric was relatively easy to sew, but the edges were fragile: I made sure I sewed every seam twice to secure the outfit.
With that dress I had to do my first lining, which was not so challenging. It just took a lot of time to finish the last seams by hand. I would have preferred to line it with the same silk, but I didn't have enough of it, so I picked a matching color in regular lining fabric.
I wish the waist were higher, but I guess it looks fine like that also. It's simply less flattering.
At last I succeeding in placing an "invisible" invisible zipper: you can't see it on the pictures (can you?). My zipper battle is over. I won.

I am not totally confident wearing that dress at a wedding, fearing that something bad will happen at some point (what if the zipper breaks? if the lining shows too much?). I will surely have another dress in my bag, just in case.

However, if everything goes well, I will be happy to accessorize it with the following head-piece that I made with some remnants. I bought the base, and covered it with silk before adding a silk flower and a white and golden button in the middle. I can fix it in my hair thanks to a pin. So chic!

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