Catching up!

Dear all,

I'm back. Some of you must have thought I got lost somewhere, or that I forgot about this blog.

No. I "just" got married.

It took me a lot of preparation (=no sewing) and it kept me away from my sewing machine (=no sewing) for weeks. Then it took me some time to recover (=no sewing).

And before publishing my new project, I wanted to share a couple of fashion related things:

1. I was not gifted enough to do my own wedding dress, so I had it made by a skilled (but tough) seamstress in Marseilles, my hometown. I designed the dress according to different inspirations: classic, vintage, lacy, no princess-like but voluminous...I had in mind two non negotiable requirements: I wanted sleeves and that my shoes were apparent -in case you still don't know, I am a shoes addict, and while I didn't change my outfit on the Big day, I had two pairs or shoes, one white, one blue. Here are some views of the dress!

2. Some dear friends, Audrey and Luize, gave me a wonderful wedding present: fabrics from Asia and Africa bought during their travels. Some silk and cotton pieces with wonderful patterns and textures. I am sure it will lead to a lot of projects. See below for a couple of examples of those treasures. My husband already ordered a silk tie.

3. At last, have you checked this awesome video for Lanvin F/W 2011 collection? Albert Elbaz is THE man.

It's time for me now to take some pictures of the new project. I'll keep you posted!

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