Project 7: The Fairy Dress

After a (way too) long sewing break, I needed a simple project to put me back on tracks and give me confidence: I was under the impression that I had forgotten everything that I had learned over the past months. Luckily, sewing is just like riding a bike. You don't forget. In the worst case you don't go very straight at first.

I picked a dress pattern in this sewing book that my parents gave me last Christmas. The book looks lovely and is based around the idea of creating simple "tuniques" or blouses. The projects are therefore quite straightforward, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're totally new to sewing. There is no explanation at all as to how you should build your garment, and you must be aware of the sewing basics if you want to make it through.

I decided I would do one of the two dresses, and changed the pattern a bit, because the dress was supposed to be very short: I added about 8cm and removed one or two details I didn't like. Since the design was so simple, I had to find a "Waouw" factor through the choice of the fabrics. The top one is cotton from the last John Lewis Spring sale. The second one was given to me for my wedding by my friends Audrey and Luize along with other marvellous pieces from Africa and Asia. It is slightly shiny and decorated with same color swirls.
A priori, they don't belong together, but once I'd tried, I couldn't believe how good they looked next to each other: the colours and the patterns match so perfectly that the dress became something delicate,original, poetic...a "fairy" dress.

It was very simple to make. the longest part was the collar. I had to cut a black bias (for which I created the pattern, since the book recommended to use a simple ribbon) that I hand-stitched.

It was really the perfect project to start again: it went smoothly and I love this dress, especially the delicate back opening. It certainly makes me want to do more.

So keep looking for the next project!

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